Quienes Somos

Gallery Madrid – Arima

Happily opens this year 2013 and offers a space where Aida, the initiator and owner, paints his works and simultaneously exposed. Also inviting other artists to record, as Artemis (jewelry designer), Gabriel Rivera (painter and sculptor) and Rolando de la Peña (painter), Contributors.
It is a space of love for creativity, to give you an invitation to pose your eyes on each piece made with the patience of those who collaborated on it. painters, Mexican designers and sculptors, participate in harmony to give you their talent, sensitivity and commitment embodied in each of their different styles, made with great delicacy; which only the artist in their own language can give to the world.
Aligned with the sense of discovering the possibility of doing, hermanamos our talent to constantly give ourselves permission to express the hidden message of the mysterious craft artist; playing with brushes and translating them into fabric colors, paper etc., or carved wooden pieces; or harmonizing in semi silver threads- precious for making necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

"Search and find; what remains hidden is not looking for ".